Water Trailers and Bowsers by M&M Fabrications

If you are looking for a water trailer / water bowser, then there is no need to look further than M&M Fabrications. We have a wide variety of transportable water trailers for you to choose from right here. Our water trailer and bowser range, like the rest of our products, is manufactured according to both SABS specifications and the standards of the National Road Traffic Act. Thus you need not worry about quality. View our gallery of bowsers.

M&M Fabrications manufactures water trailers to the specifications and requirements of our clients. As such, we maintain a wide range of water trailers. Note that we can customize your water trailer to meet your specific needs. Our staff will subsequently ensure that your water bowser can be used for the purposes you purchased it for.

MMFab Water Trailers and Bowsers

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50mm Petrol Driven Waterpump + hose/nozzlePressure Washer – Petrol DrivenPressure Washer – Diesel DrivenFire Fighting Unit – 15m hoseFire Fighting Unit – 30m hose
Sparewheel with bracket fittedHose and nozzle

Options available for Water Trailer / Water Bowser

M&M Fabrications offer plenty of water trailer options for you to look at and various capacities as well, ranging from:

  1. 500 Liter Water Trailers to
  2. 1000 Liter Water Trailers
  3. all the way up to 2500 Liter Water Trailers.

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Optional extras which you can order together with your water trailer include Diesel-/Petrol-motor driven pumps, fire-fighting units, application specific hoses and nozzles, and spare wheel with or without bracket fitted. Single or double axle water bowsers are manufactured, and the 1000L and 2000L diesel trailers are fitted standard with a complete brake system . Due to equipment being industry specific with their own unique needs, M&M Fabrications subsequently manufactures each water trailer to the specific needs of our clients.

Different uses of a Water Trailer / Water Bowsers

A water trailer can be used for a number of different purposes. These include:

  1. Water cartage;
  2. Washing buildings and equipment;
  3. Filling watering tanks and troughs for horses or livestock;
  4. Watering shrubs, trees, and plants;
  5. Filling swimming pools;
  6. Hauling potable water;
  7. Fire fighting;
  8. Dust control or suppression on driveways, roads , or construction sites; and
  9. Construction uses – act as reservoirs for power washers, concrete cutters, etc.

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