M&M Fabrications are Diesel Bowser Manufacturers

M&M Fabrications prides itself on manufacturing diesel bowsers which are of the highest quality. Due to the fact that diesel is considered as a high risk transport substance, careful planning and hours of consideration go into every diesel bowser that is manufactured. That is why our diesel bowsers are not only built according to SABS specifications, but also adheres to the standards of the National Road Traffic Act.

Because all industries have their own unique needs, M&M Fabrications subsequently manufactures a diesel bowser to the specifications and requirements of our clients, and as such maintain a wide range of diesel bowsers.


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A Wide Range of Diesel Bowsers Available

M&M Fabrications has a versatile range of top quality bowsers to choose from. You can select a diesel bowser ranging from:

  • 500 Liter, through to
  • 1000 Liter, and even up to
  • 2000 Liter.

The range of bowsers is available on a galvanized road tow chassis or a galvanized site tow chassis. Each of our bowsers come fitted with 12v pumps or hand-pumps. Customizing your diesel bowser to meet your needs is no problem for our staff. We can fit extras which include fire extinguishers, drip trays, diesel driven pumps or motors, spare wheels, and elevated lights.

Diesel bowsers are available in single or double axle, and you can decide whether you are in need of a bowser that come fitted with a complete brake system, or those that are unbraked. However, if you have any other specific requirements, such as painting the bowser in the colour of your fleet, feel free to contact us.

Manufacturing of a Diesel Bowser

Our diesel bowsers are manufactured using a mild steel sheet. The bowsers also contain buffer plates for safety and stability. Although called a bowser, it is also useful for storing and transporting substances such as oil and paraffin. All parts used to put a bowser together, which include the steel axles, tow hitches, rims, and tires are SABS tested and approved. Get a quote today.

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